It’s coronatime


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Kuplii got cancelled thanks to koronavirus, and that really fucked me up financially. I relied on this convention, as I am supposed to move out from my ex with the money I would have made at Kuplii. So.. wanna help me out? HOW TO ORDER! ➡️ EMAIL surkeaillustrations(ät) and write what you want! ➡️ You'll be replied with the price and you can pay with mobilepay, paypal or banktransfer. After paying tell your address. ➡️ When the money is received, your order will be shipped within a week or two. Shippingfee for zines is 5e, but if you only order stickers the shipping is 3e! With 5e shipping you can order multiple zines too and stickers with them. My gf @persikankukkia is handling all the sales, so when you order PLEASE check out her instagram @persikankukkia to see her cute merch! You can buy from us both at the same time as my merch ships from her place! She was also supposed to sell at Kuplii..😔 My stressdisorder broke me down and i'm basically unable to do anything without breaking into a panicattack or I just dissociate. I am not okay. But i'm being taken cared of. It'll get better. Thank you for your support.💙 #tamperekuplii#tamperekuplii2020#etäcon#etäkuja#artisthelp#comic#surkea#surkuhupaisaa#nonbinary#zine#zines#stickers#mymerch#myart#artistalley

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