this tuesday

i’m bruised, bloody and in pain, but i’ve never felt happier in my body. it’s time to start living.



sdrfdgit was rough. so full of fear, pain, dysphoria, trauma, and even death. i’m starting 2022 as a broken hearted dude. still unable to draw much without pain in my wrists. preparing myself for a funeral of a loved one. don’t call me handsome. i cut my hair out of fear. stay safe♥


sarjisbdklgjfdkeversio…and then the comicfestival happened, we survived and the convention was great! It was quite stressful and scary even but I am filled with inspiration and it was so nice to see people again! Thank you all! And special thanks to people who planned Helsinki Comicfestival and Zinefest this year, everything seemed to work out great. Hopefully there will be more comic conventions next year, see you soon! Stay safe!